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Avhana is situated in Bhokardan tehsil and located in Jalna district of Maharashtra. It is one of 158 villages in bhokardan Block along with villages like Bhivpur and Gokul. Nearby railway station of Avhana is Jalna.

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Anonymous - August 15, 2016
avhana is a village with a great geographical mountain two sites first is north as well as second at east. khelna river is passed from in this local info some croods of people stay beside this river before200-250 year ago. in this village all religions of people lived with cooperate each other except sikh not lived here. i'm this village there are two mosquo(maszid) and several temple of various gods. for tourist- every year above 10 thosands people gathered and celebrates festival on the rock which are present east side from village.thousands of stall and good that bought and purpose is that150 years back one teachers have dead and then his temples is build up there. that's person's name was atmananad baba.this person's was social worker and teach people.his aim was all religions of people should b coperate to each other.this festival is celebrated in january . the greenish and so many trees on mountain it's so amazing to visit there. second number of lower wild animal seen at the second mountain at north . reugularly seen and so many variety of birds.durin monsoon there will b big spring (water fall) from mountain it's was so fantastic. here historical place also toward west side here a small temple will b seen . the stone of temple is more big and work on tnt stone like pillar in ajintha werul caves. as local thought there is so many bigger asquarencient of stone is buried down in that area. forth is at every wednesday here all farmer sell vegetables and other stallas also. i'm this village 2 major school's. on mountain so many spaces of arthopds and reptiles. everyday disch cather cought fishesh

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Avana 431114
Adgaon 431132
Pimalgaon Kolte 431134
Chandai Eko 431213

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