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Jhab is situated in Sanchore tehsil and located in Jalor district of Rajasthan. It is one of 278 villages in sanchore Block along with villages like Amba Ka Goliya and Borli. Nearby railway station of Jhab is Jalor.

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Anonymous - August 10, 2016
jhab is very peaceful place on this earth. people are very calm and helpful.there are schools, temples lakes small huts and big houses (haveli/bunglows). the most beautiful thing of this village is .. that it doesn't have concrete roads but sands which gives the touch of a village .. there is no need of public transport to move around the village and thus no pollution, no sound of honking and no traffic which makes you realise that you are away from metro city. beautiful village beautiful people.. beautiful hearts.. what all you need ??

Post Offices Near Jhab

Village Post Office : - Pin Code
Amli 343027
Achalpur 343041
Dhamseen 343048

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