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Amanlala is situated in Lakhimpur tehsil and located in Kheri district of Uttar pradesh. It is one of 485 villages in lakhimpur Block along with villages like Lakesar and Bounia. Nearby railway station of Amanlala is Lakhimpur.

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Uttar pradesh

Sanjeev kumar verma - September 4, 2016
my name is sanjeev kumar verma.i live in village amanlala.this is beautiful place.this has one temple who name is shri kakhra dham near about beautiful pound who name kakhra thiradh. the puple belive that this dham is complets all the wish.i love my villge.jay hind jay bharat

Post Offices Near Amanlala

Village Post Office : - Pin Code
Behjam 261501
Mahewa Ganj 261506
Baherwa 262701
Kheri Town 262702
Atkohana 262720
Lagucha 262721
Aira Estate 262722
Oel 262725
Nakha 262726

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